Free: show the data {…}

Syntax for showing JCI data

The free JCI Parser uses curly brackets { and } to identify placeholders with should be replaced by JSON data. In the basic example with the API from we used basenode=level1 together with the template:

TEMPLATE: {start}

The free JCI Parser has some syntax to modify the output

The default display of a datafield is not HTML, but HTML tags are converted. This allows you to display the pure data from the JSON feed. Ty this is the output differs from the JSON-data.


Default display of a datafield is NOT HTML: & < etc. are converted to &amp; &lt;. This will display the HTML code as code. To output the HTML add “:html”.


Same as {street:html} plus \n linefeeds are converted linefeeds to HTML linebreaks:


Insert the php-urlencoded value of the datafield start. Necessary for building URLs.


If datafield start is not empty, add “extratext” to the right (or left) of the datafield’s value. Permitted characters are limited to:


you can combine html and ifNotEmptyAdd… like this


same as ifNotEmptyAddRight:


If datafield street is not empty, add “extratext_left” to the left and “extratext_right” to the right of the datafield’s value. Permitted characters are limited to:


you can combine purejsondata or html and ifNotEmptyAddLeftRight… like this (example see here)





you can format time and date, if JSON gives a valid dateformat or an unixtimestam (example see here)

  • JSONFIELD: name of the JSON-field with the date or time data
  • DATE_TIME_FORMAT: e. g. “m-d-Y H:i” see for syntax
  • TIMEZONE_IN_SECONDS: Number which is the (maybe needed) timezoneoffset in seconds (e. g. one day=24 hours = 86400 seconds)

Show a list of JSON-items

Attention: This does not work with any JSON!
When you have a JSON-Node with a list of items like ...., "mylist": ["one", "two", "three", "four"],... you can display it with that syntax:


no_first_item stands for the number of the first to be displayed item. no_last_item for the last one. So “2,3” would show “on” and “three”.
If you set “no_first_item,no_last_item” to -1 all items are shown, if to a number without “,” this defines the number of items displeyed from the start.

JCILISTITEM is the keyword, to tell the JCI-Plugin that a list of items should be handled.
See here for an example.

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