Proxy and modify JSON

Challenge: same-origin security policy with JavaScript

In some cases, you need the JSON-Data locally on your WordPress-Domain. E. g. if JavaScript should load the JSON – and due to security reasons (“same-origin security policy” – see also “CORS”), JavaScript usually can work only with local data from the same domain. Example: Plot JSON-Data

Solution: Proxy JSON

Let’s work with this JSON-Example: located at another Domain.

To have the same JSON on another Domain, we can use the JCI-PRO-Plugin to get an URL on the needed domain.

Step 1: JCI-Template

Create JCI-Template at the Domain the JSON should be (here: with these settings:


Template name:


Template: _context is a JSON-Array converted to a String by “json_encode”. This String is then converted to upper cases by ” upper”. In this way, you can modify the incoming JSON in many ways. Simple as here or way more advanced if needed (like getting data from a 2nd API).

{{ _context | json_encode | upper  }}

Step 2: Use Shortcode

The above JCI template gives you the Shortcode.

[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate="jsonproxy"]

Use that on an ordinary page, post, or CPT. By adding “?show=oc” the WordPress-Teample is removed, and a JSON feed is there:

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