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The free JCI-plugin adds a entry into the admin-menu. A click on it opens a page with several settings:

  • Cacher:
    The plugin can store answers from an API on the websever to avoid unneded, time and performance consuming requests.
    The cache folder will be WP_CONTENT_DIR/cache/jsoncontentimporter
    So WP_CONTENT_DIR/cache/ must be writable for the webserver. The plugin checks this and might abort with an error message like “dir is missing” or “dir is not writeable”. If this happens, check your directory permissions.
    If you can’t do that (because your webserver-hoster does not allow that etc.) you can leave the Cacher switched off.
  • Handle unavailable APIs:
    If the API is offline, the plugin can try to save this situation by using cached data (even if the Cacher is switched off: if the Cacher was active before and created some cached data this data is used). You have some options there.
    Recommended (not switched on due to backwards-compatibility):
    “If the API-http-answercode is not 200 OR sends invalid JSON: try to use cached JSON”
  • API-Request:
    Consult your API-manual what the API expects!
    The free Plugin sends an simple request to an URL. To this http(s)-request you can add Authentication-Info or an Browser-Useragent:
    • Authentication:
      You can either send “Authorization: Bearer accesskey” where “accesskey” is the info you give on the plugins page (usually a long cryptic string). This is called “oAuth Bearer”.
      If you use “nobearer accesskey” – mind the space! – the plugin sends “Authorization:accesskey” without “Bearer”.
    • User-Agent:
      Some APIs expect an User-agent to idetify whos calling.
      If activated the plugin sends “JCI WordPress-Plugin – free Version”
  • Gutenberg?
    You might switch off the JCI-Gutenberg-Block (needed with some Pagebuilders). Read more on the JCI-Gutenberg-Block here.

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