PRO: Use Custom Post Fields

A WordPress-Page can have some Custom Post Fields (CPF). By that, one WP page can be almost identical to another; the only difference would be a CPF.

E.g., a CPF “language” on one page with “en” and on another “de”.
Having a JCI-Shortcode on such a page, the value of the CPF can be used in the API-URL and the twig-template.

With Twig, this works this way: Get the current pageID by wp_get_page_properties and then get the CPF by wp_get_custom_field_value:

{% set pageprop = wp_get_page_properties(debug, pageid) %}	
{% set pageid = %}
pageid: {{pageid}}<br>
{% set valkeyaa = wp_get_custom_field_value(pageid, 'keyaa') %}
CPF-keyaa: {{valkeyaa | json_encode }}<br>
{% set valueOfCPF = valkeyaa.0 %}
valueOfCPF: {{valueOfCPF}}<br>
{% if valueOfCPF matches "/test/" %}
yes, "test" is part of the CPF-Value
{% else %}
no, "test" is NOT part of the CPF-Value
{% endif %}

more on that an example:

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