more 3rd party plugins

There are many more WordPress-Plugin that can use JSON – in some cases, the JCI-PRO-Plugin can be helpful:

Slider: Smartslider & RSS

RSS-Feeds can be used to feed the Slider of the Plugin “SmartSlider” by its “SmartSlider 3 RSS-connector”: If you have a fitting RSS at hand – great!
If not: See here how to create RSS-Feeds with the PRO-JCI-plugin.

Auto Refresh API AJAX

If you want to show content from a JSON feed that is often updating (e.g. Liveticker, Time…) this plugin helps.

The JSON Content Importer Plugins connect APIs, converting the retrieved JSON and showing it on a static WordPress Page. Usually, you have to reload the whole page to get the new API data.
If this is not enough, as you want to update the data without reloading we can do this with AJAX. The WordPress-Plugin “Auto Refresh API AJAX” can do that:

  • Define the URL with the JSON-data
    Example: has the current time as JSON-data. If there is a problem, you might switch from WP-Admin-AJax to WP-Rest-API.
  • Define the refresh time in Milliseconds:
    1000 Milliseconds means that the above JSON feed is connected every second
  • Define what value in the JSON should be displayed and refreshed: JSON-Path to Value
    In the above example, this is “items.0.currentdate”
  • Define where on a page the data should be displayed: DOM-Pageselector
    Example: Create a new WordPress page and insert in the TEXT editor this:
    <div id=”showtime”>one moment – data is loading</div>
    Then you define this DOM-Selector:
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