Shortcode – Basic structure

The structure of an Shortcode for the free JCI Plugin is like this:
The template is inline between “jsoncontentimporter”

[jsoncontentimporter parametername1=parametervalue1]

You can use the JCI PRO Plugin (free and PRO-Plugin are completely independent) in the same way (template inline), but it is recommended to store as much as possible in a JCI-Template. Such a JCI-Template has a name for referencing it by “nameoftemplate” in the jsoncontentimporterpro-Shortcode.
The main advantage of this is that settings and template are separated from the page where the Shortcode is used.

[jsoncontentimporterpro nameoftemplate=MY_TEMPLATE_NAME parametername1=parametervalue]

Each Plugin has a set of shortcode-parameternames defined – other then those are ignored. Depending on the parametervalue the result of the plugin is defined.

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