PRO: Data-Access

Requesting data with a http-request from an URL is the basic 1st step the JCI Plugins do. The JCI PRO Plugin is very flexible in doing this.

Setup a http-request means:

  • Method:
    There are
    How is the request done? Check the API what method GET / POST / PUT is expected. Then usually the CURL-variant is working. If not you may try the other methods.
    • GET:
      • CURL-GET
      • WP-GET
      • PHP-RAWGET
    • POST
      • CURL-POST
      • WP-POST
    • PUT
      • CURL-PUT

By “Curloptions” in the JCI PRO Template a CURL-Request can be build for any needs.

  • Header:
    PHP-RAW and WP send fixed headers. CURL is very flexible here.
  • Payload:
    Additional Info when using POST
  • Timeout:
    Who many seconds for loading url till timeout?
  • Cachetime:
    Set the cachetime for this URL to n seconds, regardless of the settings in the plugin-option, even when caching is switched off there.

Result of the request: Answer of the API

Depending on the API the result of the request is some data, usally text-data formatted as JSON, XML, CSV…

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