Step 1: Access the Data

The basic situation is always the same: a datasource like an API provides data upon request. With the data, you can build content or build applications.

The JCI Plugin simplifies using APIs on your WordPress pages.

What you need before you begin:

  • Where is the datasource?
    It can be an http(s) URL or a file hosted locally on your server.
  • What is the datasource expecting?
    You send a request, the datasource answers.
  • How does the datasource answer?
    What data does that datasource give you?

How to find this information:

  • Consult the manual of your datasource about getting access to the data. Look for terms like “authentication” or “authorization”.
  • Check access to the data with sites like
    If you’re successful getting data there, you know how to get access. This info can then be used to setup the configuration for the JCI Plugin.

More details on how to get data access with the free or PRO Plugin.

And here:

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