PRO: Basic twig-Syntax

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The PRO JCI-Plugin comes with the twig-Parser: With that, you have a simple programming language for using it together with JSON data. The basic syntax is described here:

Try it: twigfiddle

At you can get familiar with it, give it a try with twig-code


and this JSON (Select Format JSON):

{"a": "this is a"}

and hit run. This should display this is a

for, if, matches

Let’s try this JSON with a list of two:

{"list" : [ "this is a", "this is b" ] }

with that twig code:

{% set tmp = "a" %}
{% for l in list %}
  {% if l matches '/'~tmp~'/' %}
    there is a match: {{l}}
  {% else %}
    "{{l}}" is not matching "{{tmp}}"
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

Let’s go into the code details:

{% set tmp = "a" %} defines a variable named tmp

{% for l in list %}...{% endfor %} loops through the JSON-list

{{loop.index}} is displaying the current iteration of the loop

{% if l matches '/'~tmp~'/' %}...{% else %}...{% endif %} checks if the value of “l” (the current item of the loop) matches the value of “tmp”. The ‘~’ concats the value of “tmp” to a regular expression.

A bit simple would be: {% if l==tmp %}...{% else %}...{% endif %}

Read more on that at

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