Multisite-Search, Faceted Search

See two advanced usages of the JCI PRO Plugin: Multisite- and Facetted-Search

WordPress offers an API for Search. So you can use the JCI PRO Pluign to ask several WordPress-Sites for a search.
See how this is done here.

Guess you have a JSON with many travel-locations and hotels with prices at every location. You want to offer a search, where customers can select the availabel locations, the price etc. and without reloading of the page the matching items are displayed. See this in action here.

This can be done with the JCI PRO Plugin:

  • Put together the list of locations, the min- & max-price etc.
  • Create a search column with input-field, sliders, checkboxes…
  • Create a paginated result list, which is updated when changing the search column.

See how this is done with the JCI PRO Plugin here.

More advanced examples

see here

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